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In the following examples, we will present some of the most basic and traditional candombe bass lines.
I tend to consider them in this way because, in a simple analysis of candombe bass line discography, they may be seen to have had a strong influence on musicians and composers of the form.
These bass lines are predominantly based on the "madera" rhythm (clave 3:2. See: Afro-Uruguayan drums).

Example 1
Daniel "Lobito" Lagarde's introduction to the song,
"Biafra," by Ruben Rada of the group Totem.
The first two beats of the second measure of this riff coincide with the rhythm of the clave (madera).

Example 2
"Ringo" Thielmann's groove with the band Opa Trio
in the song, "Camino", from Magic Time.
As in the previous example, this riff is based on the madera figure.

I will present some bass lines of my own creation based on the rhythms of the different drums, but predominantly based on the rhythmic phrases of the piano drum, with which the bass has a natural affinity due to their similarities in tone and function.

Example 3
Because the "slap" technique requires that the bass strings be struck, it is very convenient to use in the candombe style, opening the way to a more direct relationship with the sounds of the drums, which must also be struck to produce a sound.

Example 4
The 1st and 2nd beats of this phrase correspond
to the rhythmic pattern of the piano repicado.