Rubén Galloza

Rubén Galloza, Uruguayan painter, self-taught and contemporary, with over 50 years devoted to his art. His work is mainly based on Candombe culture, showing scenes from the life of the Uruguayan Negro. His paintings vividly reflect the daily and religious life of the Afro-Uruguayan and the role of the rhythm of the drums as a basic part of all activities. His work in Uruguay is divided into two stages: the first from 1950 to 1970, and the second from 1990 to the present. For twenty years he lived in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, and left part of his large volume of paintings in those countries. He has taken part in countless collective exhibitions and has held as many individual exhibitions in and outside Uruguay. His first exhibition was held in 1956 in Montevideo. He has exhibited in New York City, in Germany and on the African continent. He currently lives in Montevideo, where he creates paintings which are valued throughout the art markets of the world.