Sisto Pascale

A contemporary Uruguayan painter born in Montevideo on October 13, 1965. Between the ages of five and 22 he lived in the United States, where he studied Fine Arts and took the first steps on the path of his distinguished artistic career. Among others he took part in Art Event Ceramics (1981), the Veterans of Foreign Wars collective exhibition (1983), the ASTAG collective exhibition (1983) and the NASA collective exhibition (1983); he was a finalist in the Readers' Digest Competition in Washington D.C. (1984), and he held his own exhibition in the Citizen's Bank of Maryland (1987). In 1982 he was president of the National Art Honor Society. The next year he took the Baltimore, Maryland ACB Painting Course. He received the Gold Key of the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., the Corcoran Gallery Certificate of Merit, and a scholarship to study Fine Arts in the Maryland College of Art Design. The NASA has one of his paintings in its Greenbelt, Maryland, Control Tower. In 1987 he returned to Montevideo and took up permanent residence there. In 1992 he was a finalist in the Bien Arte 4 competition, and two years later he opened his studio at 1944 Durazno at the intersection with Jackson, and held his own exhibition at the Paseo de la Matriz Gallery. Some time later he organized and held a special teaching exhibition for 200 schoolchildren of the Department of Soriano. In 1997 he organized a collective exhibition with students of his studio at the Paseo de la Matriz Gallery. Currently, Sisto Pascale lives in the City of Montevideo where, as well as teaching, he creates works of art which are internationally appreciated.

Título: Candombe bajo la luna
Técnica: Oleo - Medidas 20x25 cm

Título: Candombe en Palermo
Técnica: Oleo - Medidas 30x40 cm

Título: Las llamadas
Técnica: Oleo - Medidas 0,70 m x l m