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Chas Chas Producciones Versión en Español

Chas Chas Productions

Chas Chas is a continuously evolving cultural undertaking. It was born through the need to unify the artistic objectives of the musicians involved in the project and to familiarize people with their cultural origins.Its main objective is to increase and extend knowledge of Afro-Uruguayan culture and very particularly of its rich and distinctive music, the Candombe, working together and individually towards that goal.
Chas Chas is active basically in the areas of *Culture, *Entertainment and *Services.

* El Toque de Candombe (Book)

An educational and cultural effort which includes a study book, a clinic for musicians, a music workshop for schools and ethnic concerts.

* Shows

'El Toque de Candombe' Show
Drums, dancers and the typical Candombe characters in a unique and incomparable show.

* Services

Show-oriented services tailored to the specific needs of each case.

* Cuerda de Tambores (Afro-Uruguayan Drum Corps), dancers and typical Candombe characters for shows
* Musicians and Arrangers for recording music
* Musical promotion via Internet
* Press and publicity services
* Scenographic design and implementation
* Website design and implementation
* Afro-uruguayan drumset and percussion classes and workshops

* Contact


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