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Comments and Opinions


Comments by the Press and other musicians on 'El Toque de Candombe'

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Héctor "Finito" Bingert

'At last we have Candombe documented for the world to take it in, appreciate it and understand it in its most genuine or authentic form. This book is an open door to Uruguay's greatest musical treasure, the Candombe.
My artistic efforts to make Uruguayan music more widely known are supported by a method which describes this style of music with extraordinary clarity and finest detail.'


Beto Satragni

"Candombe, this rhythm of our country (Uruguay) which we love so much, has a history going back more than 100 years. Until the '60s, only relatives of those who knew how to play the rhythm were able to learn it, and thus it came down, generation after generation, to our time.
Today, after the end of the 20th Century, and thanks to the generosity of the Afro-Uruguayan community, popular and jazz musicians have been able to analyze its rhythms and put them down on paper so that musicians of other parts of the world can enjoy them. This book is an example, and is the more to be praised in that there have not been too many before it. Thus, my congratulations on their work to Willy, Hugo and Jorge.'


Federico Ramos

'In this method, 'El Toque de Candombe', the authors offer a practical guide to the basics and more advanced concepts of the magical rhythm of Afro-Uruguayan origin which for more than two centuries has been developing in Montevideo and which is today played in parts of the interior of the country and in other countries.
Up to now there has been a great lack of study material offering comprehensive and constructive exercises presented in a concise manner on such a specialized subject.
I recommend the method to any musician who wants to play Candombe, the styles stemming from it (Tango and Milonga) and those which may develop from it in the future. By 'any musician' I mean a player of any musical instrument, be it string or wind, or a singer.'



This book, with the recording that comes with it, gives a documented overview of the more important aspects of syncopated music (Candombe) which explained in depth becomes a work of reference for anyone wanting to get to know this rhythm.
Because of my high esteem for the authors, generated during so many shared shows and recordings, my wish is that this material, which undoubtedly will receive acclaim, reach all corners of the world.'


Daniel Bingert

'This book is a killer! I am already a kind of master on the subject (Candombe) and I have been very inspired and happily surprised by this book.'


Héctor Ruiz

'This book gives us a great tool to understand and savor the lovely rhythm of Candombe.'


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