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Music Clinic and Workshop

Candombe, as a musical genre, possesses its own language and codes. Musicians Hugo 'Foca' Machado, Willy Muñoz and Jorge Sadi, on the basis of extensive professional and teaching experience, have developed a revolutionary clinic and workshop for schools in which they transmit in a unique way their real expertise on this magic rhythm to musicians and students who want to incorporate it in their music and make use of it as a source of inspiration.

Clínica-Taller 'El toque de Candombe'

Clinic for Musicians

During the course of the clinic the rhythmic clave or 'key' to Candombe and its variations is taught The clinic covers how to play the traditional Chico, Repique and Piano drums individually, the fundamental cultural essence of the rhythm, formation and structure of the 'Drum Corps' in the Comparsas, and how to apply this to Drumset, Bass and Congas in popular music like Candombe Song, Candombe Funk and Candombe Jazz.

Knowledge of the 'language' of the drums, their rhythmic patterns and timbres, give musicians new tools (lines of melody, harmonic and rhythmic structures) to increase their powers of improvisation in this particular style as well as other Afro-American musical styles.

The clinic ends with a live concert and the musicians who took part in it are invited to join in.
The clinic is given at Universities, Music Schools, Ethnic Gatherings and Festivals, etc.

Development of the Clinic "El Toque de Candombe"

First Part/Hugo 'Foca' Machado

Brief History and origins of Candombe
The Comparsa and its typical characters
Construction of the drums
Afro-Uruguayan Chico, Repique and Piano drums
The Madera (Rhythmic 'Key') and its variations
Playing the drums
Demonstration of how to play each instrument
Chico Drum, Piano Drum and Repique Drum

Formation and structure of the 'Drum Corps'

Developing the beat on the Congas
Examples of different approaches to Candombe on the Congas

Second Part / Willy Muñoz

Developing Candombe style on the drumset
Candombe Song, Candombe Funk and Candombe Jazz
Ensemble with Hugo Machado on the Congas showing the different forms of this beat on the drumset.

Third Part / Jorge Sadi

Developing Candombe style on Bass
Bass lines and rhythms for Candombe Song, Candombe Funk and Candombe Jazz

Final Part / Ensemble

Ensemble with Hugo Machado on Congas and Willy Muñoz on Drumset
This completes coverage of the base rhythms of this style of music.
Live concert with performance by musicians who took part in the clinic.
The clinic closes with a performance by Hugo 'Foca' Machado's Drum Corps.



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Music Workshop for schools and educational institutions

This workshop is a musical voyage through the history of Candombe, from its origins to the present. During the voyage we will learn about the arrival of African slaves to the Rio de la Plata basin, their customs, ritual dances, music, and their influence on local culture. We will learn about the musical instruments typical of Candombe, its traditional drums (Chico, Repique and Piano) and their construction, colors, the way to play them and their characteristic sounds. We will get a close view of the Comparsa, its members and typical characters. We will discover Candombe as a musical genre and its considerable influence on other rhythms and styles of music known as Tango, Milonga and Murga.


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