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This page contains information on musical shows connected with Candombe.

"Fuego para la lonja"

An ethnic show that surprises the spectator, based on the magical rhythm of the drums, and including the typical Candombe characters and a charming ritual dance. This 'Comparsa' is typical of the Uruguayan Carnival, and is directed by Percussionist Hugo 'Foca' Machado. In it a Drum Corps of 12 drummers provide the rhythm for seven dancers representing traditional characters like the 'Gramillero' (Herb Man), the 'Escobero' (Broom Man), the 'Mama Vieja' (Old Mama) and the 'Porta Estandarte' (Standard Bearer). To the varied and colorful costumes there are added very large banners and original-looking masks. This group performs single shows in various cultural venues, in the Uruguayan Carnival, at ethnic festivals, private occasions and accompanies some distinguished River Plate performers in their shows. Natalia Oreiro, Soledad, Ruben Rada and Yabor, among others, have all been accompanied by this group.

Audio: Comparsa

Willy Muñoz Trío Candombe Jazz

This trio, directed by percussionist Willy Muñoz, offers the special Candombe rhythm merged with Jazz. One of the distinguishing features of this group is that it includes in its repertory, together with Jazz and Latin Jazz, a large amount of non-Jazz works by River Plate composers. Experimentation with Candombe, improvisation as a common language and respect for the essence of the works, along with Jazz themes, together form a whole of contemporary musical projection combined with deep affection for the roots of the music. With Willy Muñoz, piano and keyboard performer Leandro Bulacio and Bass performer Damián Vernis complete the trio. The Willy Muñoz Trio plays in Cultural Canters, Jazz festivals, ethnic festivals, at international exhibitions and private events, and in pubs.

Audio: Caravan (Duke Ellington / Juan Tizol)



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